Union TerraceElementary School


Historical Facts About Union Terrace

Erected: 1955
Renovations/Additions: 1971
Sq. Footage: 51,962
Union Terrace (UT) Elementary School was built in 1955 and the additional annex (classrooms and library) opened in 1973.  The outdoor surroundings, which include the pond and terrace area, now known as Joseph Daddona Park, have been used for decades for fishing, ice skating, outdoor theatre and movies, and as an overall educational resource.  Union Terrace has been under the leadership of four principals: Paul Kramer, Mary Wagner, Robert Laudenslager and David Hahn. UT's enrollment has doubled since its founding.  In 1973, UT became a sixth grade center receiving students from Lehigh Parkway, Central and UT.  Project Happy was housed at UT for several years.

Famous students: Tom Meikrantz (reporter/anchor, Super 2 TV); Ed Hanna (weather anchor, WFMZ-TV); Jennifer Mann (PA state representative); Charles Dent (U.S. representative); Chris Manley (PBS documentary producer); and Tory Blaisdell (Broadway performer).  Bill Strauss, founder of the Parkettes, began his teaching career at Union Terrace.